Wednesday, 28 February 2018



Sunday is my day off and I always like to do something that is fun and worth waiting the whole week to end. Most of my friends practice surfing (I don't, I have tried but it's not really my sport) so I usually join them at the beach and we spend the whole day, exploring new areas around our town.

This Sunday we went to a small beach town called Quimixto and the beach is perfect for surfing, snorkeling, swimming, etc. It has a waterfall a little more deeply into the mountain so we walked (like 30 minutes, because it has a difficult road, basically is climbing a rocky path) all the way up to see it and we spent less than an hour there, it was the calm before the storm (LOL) when I saw the time for the first time in the entire day and realized that it was really late! A quarter to 6:00 pm and the last boat that goes back to the city departs at 6:20 pm so pretty much we had to pay the bill and run all the way back to the pier. I don't know how long is the path but it felt like 4 km. (We did catch it though).

The only way to be able to get to this beach town is through a boat, you have to go to Boca de Tomatlan's pier, It's about 30 minutes drive from Puerto Vallarta, the price per person is around $60 pesos ($3 USD).


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