Saturday, 8 September 2018


Hi people, so before moving to London, I spent two weeks in italy, more specific in Brindisi with a friend's family. We didn't have much time to go to places because the visit was more familiar than toursity, althought it was my fist visit, I went to see the city, took a few photographs as usual. 

The best part of this trip was the food, OMG, italian food is amazing, every restaurant or people have their own way of making certain food, but belive me, it's delicious! Also, the italian language is so beautiful, the accent, (in fact I'm currently learning italian), had to practice while I was there but it's a bit difficult due every town or city has their own dialect and people change the words so many times. 

The more you travel south, the less they speak english (and no spanish at all). Even that was a great experience. People can tell when you're a foreigner, and they like hearing you speak in you're language because not everyone have the chance to travel and meet people from different parts of the world. I loved it. Thank you Italy for everything. I hope I can come back some other time and see more of this beautiful country.



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